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Welcome to Four Seasons Childcare & Preschool.  Four Seasons Preschool is a place where our students learn and grow every day.  It is a place where they can feel comfortable, make new friends and have a positive learning experience.  


Our goal is to make Four Seasons a place where your child will build life long memories that will have a positive impact on their educational future.  We have a communication center where our parents can find information about upcoming events, special programs, updated school information and other school related details.  We continue to implement new events and activities each year.  Our classrooms, office and play areas have been newly renovated.  Our play yard has also been renovated with synthetic grass to give a beautiful green lawn look that the children love!  A "Friends of Four Seasons" Facebook page is set up so that our parents can see all the exciting things the children are doing on a daily basis.  


Four Seasons Childcare & Preschool Mission Statement


Four Seasons Childcare & Preschool focuses on providing a safe, nurturing and healthy environment.  Our priority is to teach values of peace, love and positive self image.  We embrace diversity.  We encourage families to share traditions, cultures and religious experiences.  Our focus is a child centered classroom that follows the guidelines of the Pennsylvania Standards for each individual age group.  Our goal is to provide a positive school experience with a quality education.

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433 Lyceum Avenue

Philadelphia, PA 19128


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