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Four Seasons Curriculum


Four Seasons bases its curriculum on several sources.  We use the basic guidelines presented by the Philadelphia School District for preschool.  We also use resources recommended by the Delaware Valley Association for the Education of Young Children and the National Association for the Education of Young Children.  Each child is given individualized opportunities based on his/her readiness level.  We are constantly aware of the need to protect and nurture a positive self-esteem for all our children. 


During the school year the children will work in areas of readiness (appropriate for their age level) in the following subjects; reading, math, color and shape recognition, spatial size relationships, language, listening skills, social studies, science, movement, art, and music.  In addition, the children are always practicing social skills such as working together, helping, sharing, and making friends.


Our curriculum consists of creative weekly themes that follow the guidelines of the Pennsylvania State Standards for each age group from One Year Old to PreK.


Each weekly theme allows our children to play, explore and learn.


Every theme creatively integrates colors,  shapes, numbers, letters, pre-reading/writing/literacy, pre-math skills, learning to count, letter and number recognition, beginning sounds, simple science, fine/gross motor skills, creative play and thinking.....and so much more!!!

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